Photo by  Jennifer Buhl

Photo by Jennifer Buhl

About US

With a diverse background in communications, education, community development, and urban planning, Owner/Director Darcy Kitching brings a wealth of knowledge and skills to the practice of documenting what people value about places and how places can function better for people. Together with project-specific partners, Darcy conducts qualitative research, writes and edits reports, and photographs built and natural environments important to people's sense of place.

Hire Places Make People to ...

  • Photograph valued sites and surroundings for your neighborhood organization, homeowner's association, planning office, or downtown business association.
  • Interview and collect stories from local residents - adults, children, or youth.
  • Coordinate youth-led tours and "photovoice" workshops for young people in your community to document what they love about where they live and how places can function better for them.
  • Write and/or edit documents and online text related to your community's values-based planning process.
  • Help facilitate values-based planning processes, community story-gathering and asset-based community development projects.

Get in touch via the "contact" form on this site or by e-mail at darcy @ to start a conversation about how we can help you and your community.