Mobile Technology for Meru (#TPTuesday)

Up late working on my essential mobile technology: my laptop

Up late working on my essential mobile technology: my laptop

Technology Partnership has provided more than 500 computers to primary and secondary schools in Meru, Kenya, and taught teachers how to teach with them. Increasingly, however, our partners in Meru are seeking mobile technologies to help them work more effectively and get their students caught up with the developed world. We have donated some laptop computers and tablets to our partner schools, but we're also investigating ways to help students and teachers get access to smartphones and small tablets to ensure they can complete assignments, work collaboratively and expand their learning horizons.

Our Kenya Director, John Kamwara, communicated the need for more mobile technologies to me in a recent e-mail:

Both students and teachers would love to access more on internet. Now, more teachers need portable technology devices to be able to do their work even when out of school. This includes laptops, tablets, iPads, jump drives, projectors, digital cameras, etc. We don’t mind whether these are donated new or have been used as long as they are working perfectly well. In fact, there is a great desire for portable technology equipment among teachers and students here, as well as more opportunities to learn how to use it effectively.

Computers in school-based labs are great resources, but mobile technology allows for flexibility, connectivity and collaboration in a way traditional desktop computing doesn't. Our mobility and mobile connectivity are assets we take utterly for granted in these days of pocket computers and ubiquitous wi-fi. It's even something we have to carefully manage for our children, lest they get too hooked on the iPad or iPhone. We know how important these tools can be for learning, entrepreneurship and the development of important skills. For students and teachers in Meru, Kenya, mobile technology still means a cell phone you can text on but little else.

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* This is the fourth of 6 #TPTuesday posts focusing on Technology Partnership, a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization, on whose board I serve.